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Condo Board Governance, Simplified.

Minimize Risks, Avoid Fines, and Navigate Compliance with Confidence 

At Skybridge Technology Solutions, we empower Florida condo associations and property managers with an intuitive compliance management software, Florida Condo Compliance, designed to simplify your regulatory obligations while minimizing risk and liability. 

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Why It Matters

Recent updates to Florida legislation have introduced more stringent compliance regulations for condo associations. Key among these is the Structural Integrity Reserves Study (SIRS), required under the 2024 SB-154 and FL Statute 718.112(2)(g) for all condominiums over three stories. This initiative is designed to ensure the long-term safety and structural integrity of buildings, enhancing resident security. 

Milestone Inspections for Aging Buildings 
FL Statute 553.899 requires milestone inspections for buildings reaching 30 years of age—or 40 years for those more than three miles from the coastline—with subsequent inspections every ten years thereafter. These mandatory inspections are crucial for identifying potential structural issues before they become critical, protecting both residents and the board from unforeseen liabilities. 

Statewide and Local Registration Deadlines 
By December 31, 2024, all condominiums in Florida must be registered with the state. Additionally, Miami-Dade County mandates annual registration for all condominium associations, cooperative associations, and homeowners’ associations within its jurisdiction. These registration requirements are part of a broader effort to maintain a high standard of governance and transparency within community associations. 

Why Compliance Matters 
Adhering to these regulations is not just about fulfilling legal obligations—it's about safeguarding your community, minimizing liability, and ensuring that your property is managed with the highest standards of responsibility and care. Non-compliance can lead to severe penalties, making it essential for board members to proactively manage these requirements. Florida Condo Compliance provides the tools and support needed to navigate these complexities with confidence and ease. 

Streamline Your Compliance 

Automate, Monitor, and Stay Informed 

Save valuable time with centralized regulatory controls. Florida Condo Compliance ensures you never miss a deadline, helping you avoid penalties and fines effortlessly. 

Experience Ease and Efficiency 

Centralized Compliance Management 

 Our platform provides a centralized hub for all your compliance needs, making it simple to track, manage, and demonstrate compliance. 

Trusted and Transparent 

A Platform You Can Rely On 

With transparent access for all board members and property managers, our platform promotes accountability and ensures everyone is informed and aligned. 

Made By Board Members, For Board Members 

Practical, User-Focused Features 

Designed by those who understand the stakes, Florida Condo Compliance features practical sharing rights, dedicated support, and a user-friendly interface that makes compliance manageable. 

How it Works

Skybridge all-in-one solution for condo boards and property managers

A one-stop shop that delivers your required information to state and local governing bodies.

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Streamlines Regulation Management

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Minimizes Risk to Avoid Fines  & Penalties

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Automates Monitoring, Saves Time

Access to a Statewide Directory
Gain access to a directory of engineers and reserve study professionals across Florida to ensure your condo meets all necessary compliance standards and inspections.

Getting Started

Request a demo today

Discover how Florida Condo Compliance can transform your association’s regulatory processes. Request a demo to see our platform in action. 
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